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After account verification you can add funds into your fiat wallet. Using your fiat balance you can buy any digital asset!


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As you may have noticed, our URL is quite new to the cryptocurrency FIAT market. We’re fully functioning, ready to take your order and deliver cryptocurrency coins to you in flash (or as close to it as possible!), but we have made the decision to launch as a ‘Beta‘ site for the first few weeks. The main reason for this is that we like to do things a little differently – we don’t just want to offer cryptocurrency at the lowest rates on the market, we want to build a service that is driven by a community of customers. Over the coming weeks and beyond, we will be keeping an eye on how visitors use the MaxPayz site and making adjustments to the site based on our observations and your feedback.

Price History

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MAXPAYZ offers the most liquid exchange in the world, allowing users to easily exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Doge, Dash and Ripple.

How It works

The Site is a exchange environment for the spot purchase and sale of Digital Assets. The Site permits only financed transactions.

Digital Security

Security of funds and user information is our top priority. Our security team is continually improving our end-to-end security measures.

Web Users

MAXPAYZ offers our users a suite of order types to give users the tools they need for every scenario.

Cold Wallets

The overwhelming majority of system funds are stored in offline, cold wallets. Only approximately 0.5% of crypto assets are accessible in hot wallets for day-to-day platform operations.


Security system monitors withdrawals by IP address and other user behavior patterns, triggering manual admin inspection on withdrawals that appear unusual.


You Get 1 Bitcoin


You Get 1 Litcoin


You Get 1 Ethereum


You Get 1 Dash coin


How it works

On the home page, enter a valid email id and password of your choice and hit CREATE ACCOUNT button. A validation email with a link will be sent to the email id entered, once clicked on the link to verify your email, you will be directed back to maxpayz.io to continue with the registration process. Please read and accept the terms and conditions to complete your registration.